force multipliers

On Sunday I received, in short succession, the following texts:

  • A photo of a new engagement ring from one of my best friends from college
  • A video of a first sonogram from another

I don’t think so much joy has ever been passed through one little phone. All week I’ve woken up thinking about them and I know this sounds ridiculous, but I swear I can physically feel my heart welling up. I met them both when I was 18. Ten years later and we’ve seen each other through ill-advised business majors and shifts at the coffee shop, late night cookout runs and finals week holed up in a book-littered library room. We left Wake and kept each other through the Peace Corps and first jobs and graduate degrees and new cities and terrible distance. Through break-ups and new loves and adult problems and adult decisions, which for awhile felt premature and now somehow feel meant for our age. The incredible thing I didn’t realize earlier on, is that as their lives expand so does yours. Literally. Husbands join, babies are born. The group grows, joy multiplies. These milestones, they definitely have a timing all their own. But it’s just so satisfying isn’t it, when good things happen to the people you love.

Congratulations you two!